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Intellectual Disability/Autism

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

What Do Graduates Say about the Intellectual Disability/Autism Programs?



“Go for it! You will be a valuable resource in any education related work environment- even advocacy work. Great field (especially with our numbers increasing) and very rewarding.” 

–Severe or Multiple Disabilities Program ‘12


“I felt I got very good insight on the complexities of low-incidence disabilities. In addition, it was great to have practice working with families of students with disabilities…people are very impressed with my credentials.” 

– Jullian C., ID/Autism (Childhood) Program ‘12

“Student Teaching Placements and Family Studies best prepared me. Having the opportunity to practice all the skills taught in class in the "real world" is what helped prepare me and lead me to the job I have now.” 

-Alyssa C., ID/Autism (Childhood) Program ‘13


“The professors that I had in my program were able to speak from experience and not just a textbook. A lot of information that they gave has been useful in the classroom.” 

–Danielle F., Severe or Multiple Disabilities Program  ‘13

“My training as a researcher has been valuable as well, because the field of developmental disabilities is newly focusing on measurable outcomes and other metrics. I also gained a valuable network of other educated and dedicated professionals, as well as a broader and deeper knowledge base from which to draw when considering recommendations for instructional and behavioral strategies to improve learning, social, and behavioral outcomes…. My degree was without a doubt useful in 2 promotions and salary increases.”

ID/Autism (Childhood) Program Graduate ‘10


“There is no question in my mind you will be joining an elite group of bright, dedicated professionals well positioned to make a positive difference for a vulnerable population who, with greater understanding of their individual strengths and presenting challenges, are so capable of enjoying satisfying lives and participating positively and productively in our communities.” 

–ID/Autism (Childhood) Program Graduate ‘10


"Columbia provided me with a degree from a premier institution that set me apart from other candidates. Additionally, the various hands on experiences I had in working with students of a variety of abilities provided me with background to make me marketable in the special education field. Enrolling in the ID/A program at TC was one of the best decisions I could have made. The opportunity to work with experts in the field and collaborate with colleagues from all over the world provided me with a confidence and competence in the field that expertly prepared me for my job as a special educator and behavior consultant.” 

–Megan G., ID/Autism (Childhood) Program Graduate ‘11


“Through my student teaching experiences I feel that I was very well rounded as an educator. Not only did I get to work with special needs children first hand but I also got to teach multiple subjects and get a better feel for how to differentiate a lesson throughout different content areas. “ 

– ID/Autism Program (Childhood) Graduate ‘11

“If working with special needs students is your calling in life then the ID/Autism program can certainly help you become a well rounded special education teacher and helps you really understand the special education process that you will be a big part of when you are teaching.” 

– ID/Autism (Childhood) Program Graduate ‘11



“….you will find yourself on the way to the top of your field and in a position to make enormous contributions.” 

– Eric S., Ed. D. Program Graduate ‘09

"The journey this program has taken me on has shaped my professional path significantly.  Student culture at TC within the Developmental Disabilities program is both supportive and collaborative.  The elective portion of the program gave me exposure to areas of the field that I had not previously considered.  I am currently applying for a PhD in Psychology".  

– Gaia, Developmental Disabilities Program Candidate ‘17







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