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Nursing Education

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Doctor of Education

Other Requirements

Other Requirements

  • Mandatory August Orientation prior to starting online courses.
  • Submission of an approved Program Plan
  • Participation in Journal Club Meetings at least 3 times per semester, including producing reports from those meetings throughout the program.
  • Engaging in one or more research experiences with another researcher prior to your dissertation
  • Successful arrangement and completion of preceptor experiences in various courses.
  • Successful completion of the Certification Examination
  • Successful completion of the Dissertation Proposal Hearing
  • Successful completion of the Dissertation Oral Defense
  • Successful completion of revisions recommended by the Oral Defense Committee

In summary, the EdD requires the completion of 90 credits of graduate study (typically 33 credits but not more than 45 credits can be transferred if they meet requirements for the program), certification as a doctoral candidate, successful oral defense and acceptance of a written research-based doctoral dissertation. 

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