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Nursing Education

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Doctor of Education

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Philosophy for the Program in Nursing Education

Nursing is a professional discipline that espouses caring and is derived from nursing science. It contributes to society by promoting and improving health outcomes for individuals and families in local, regional, and global communities without regard to status or class. Nursing functions within scopes of practice and is guided by ethical principles. It is committed to social justice and to eliminating health disparities. These core values and beliefs guide the Program in Nursing Education and are congruent with the aim of Teachers College―to work toward social change for the better by focusing on education in and out of the classroom and across the human lifespan. 

Through distance learning, formal teaching is no longer bound by the confines of a classroom or by proximity to academic institutions. Technology has changed the way information is delivered and processed. Each adult learner brings unique talents and experiences that provide a rich milieu for the exchange of ideas and knowledge development. A culture of scholarly inquiry and intellectual growth is cultivated in the Nursing Education program through a variety of pedagogical practices, teaching strategies, and research from nursing, nursing education, and higher education. Students are encouraged to challenge the status quo through inquiry and evidence and to develop new knowledge in nursing education through research and scholarship. Nursing, teaching, learning, research, and innovation guide the Teachers College Online Nursing Education Program. Graduates assess, plan, implement, and evaluate teaching and learning in nursing education across the nation and around the globe. They model lifelong learning for diverse student populations and, consistent with the inspiring examples of illustrious alumnae of the Teachers College Nursing Education Program, they will provide visionary leadership for generations of nurse educators 

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