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Nursing Education

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Doctor of Education

Program of Study

Nursing education courses have been designed to merge knowledge of the role of nursing faculty with the role nursing programs play in higher education. Courses will have a theoretical foundation, along with a research underpinning so that best practices in the didactic and clinical practice areas will be taught, used, and tested. EdD students will learn how to actively engage their students in the learning process and how to be facilitators of learning, not just givers of knowledge.


Nursing Education (all courses comprise 3 credits) 30 credits are required.

  • HBSN 6000 Nursing Theory in Nursing Education
  • HBSN 6030 Curriculum Development in Nursing Education *
  • HBSN 6040 Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing Education*
  • HBSN 6053 Clinical Teaching in Nursing Education *
  • HBSN 6043 Innovations in Nursing Education*
  • HBSN 6044 Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education*
  • HBSN 6045 Simulation in Nursing Education
  • HBSN 6635 Colloquium in Nursing Education
  • HBSN 6310 Practicum I: The Nurse Educator Role
  • HBSN 6320 Practicum II: Leadership in Nursing Education

*These courses are also offered to students in the Academic Certificate Program in Nursing Education

Research Methods 12 credits are required.

  • HBSS 5040 Research Methods in Health and Behavior Studies
  • HBSN 5044 Advanced Research Methods: Literature Review and Critique
  • HBSN 6540 Dissertation Design and Development
  • HBSN 7500 Dissertation Seminar 

Statistics 6 credits are required

  • HUDM 4120 Basic Concepts in Statistics OR HUDM 4122 Probability and Statistical Inference
  • HUDM 5122 Applied Regression analysis

Broad and Basic Courses 9 credits required

9 credits in electives taken at Teachers College that are outside Nursing Education:

  • Adult Learning and Higher Education
  • Cognitive studies
  • Health education
  • Diabetes education

Total:  57 Credits

It is expected that students will transfer at least 33 credits from their Masters program if those credits are determined to be acceptable by the Teachers College registrar and program faculty. 

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