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Reading Specialist

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Master of Arts

The Reading Specialist Master of Arts consists of approximately 34 points (minimum 12 courses: 10 required, 2 elective) depending on course selections, and can be pursued either part-time or full-time. Completion of a Master's Integrative Project is required for graduation.

Required Courses (10 required courses, minimum total 28 points)

    • HBSK 4072 Theory and techniques of assessment and intervention in reading (3)
    • HBSK 4074 Reading comprehension strategies and study skills (3)
    • HBSK 5099 Writing intervention theory and practice (3) OR
    • HBSK 5077 Adult literacy and developmental/remedial education (3)
    • Students wishing to take both of these courses should speak to an advisor about a program modification.
    • HBSK 5098 Diagnosis of reading and writing disabilities (3)
    • Pre-requisite: HBSK 4072
    • HBSK 5373 Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention I (3)
    • Pre-or co-requisite HBSK 4072 
    • HBSK 5376 Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention II (3)
    • Pre-requisites: HBSK 4072 and HBSK 5373
    • HBSK 5377 Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention III (3)
    • Pre-requisites: HBSK 4072 and HBSK 5376
    • A&HL 4000 Introduction to linguistics (3) OR
    • HBSE 4001 Teaching students with disabilities in the regular classroom (3)
    • This course is taken only by students without prior special education coursework in teaching students with disabilities in the regular classroom.
    • Psychology core requirement: Choose one from the following for 2 or 3 points --
    • HUDK 4022 Developmental psychology: Childhood
    • HUDK 4023 Developmental psychology: Adolescence
    • HUDK 5090 Psychology of language and reading
    • HUDK 4029 Cognition and learning
    • If none of these courses are being offered, another appropriate course can be substituted with approval.
    • HBSK 5580 Seminar in consultation and evaluation in reading (3)
    • Taken during the final spring of enrollment in the program. The MA Integrative Project is also written this semester.

Elective Courses (2 or 3 courses, total 6 points): See FAQ.

Course grades, Courses must be taken for a letter grade, not pass/fail.

Completion of M.A. Project. The Master's Integrative Project addresses areas related to literacy and related learning difficulties among children, adolescents, and adults. This culminating project is conducted under the supervision of an advisor.

Breadth Requirement:  6 points in non HBSK courses

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