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Reading Specialist

In the Department of Health & Behavior Studies

Registration Guide

A listing of possible relevant electives can be found in the FAQ section of this site.  Sample course sequences are provided below. Availability of courses in specific semesters is subject to change. Course schedules are available on the TC website. If you have difficulty planning your course of study, please see your Advisor during office hours.
The Reading Specialist M.A. Program requires 12-13 courses for a total of 33-36 points, depending on which courses you select (see Program Advisory Statement). Students wishing to be in NYC for one calendar year only can complete the final, advanced practicum via a distance learning option where feasible. Consult with an advisor about this modification. Full-time students usually complete the program in 1-1/2 years. Part-time students must complete the program in a maximum of three academic years. Because courses tend to be demanding, it is recommended that full-time students take no more than four courses in Fall or Spring semesters, and no more than two each in Summer A or B. Part-time students typically take two courses per semester. Six credits in your program must bear a prefix other than HBSK (college breadth requirement).Three courses in your program must bear a prefix other than HBSK (college breadth requirement).

If special permission is required for a non-HBSK course, see the instructor who will teach the course. If you have difficulties registering for an HBSK course, please see the Program Secretary in Thorndike 528 (212.678.3942).

Electives may be taken at any time they are available. See the listing of suggested electives under the FAQ link.  Should you wish to take a course as an elective that is not listed, you must receive permission from your program advisor to do so.

A supervised Integrative Project is required to fulfill the Masters special project requirement. Full information is provided when you enroll in HBSK 5580.

Plan of Study 

Course availability is subject to change. Also, some courses fill up quickly - it is recommended that you register early. In the Fall and Spring semesters, most classes begin at 5:10 or 7:20pm. Many but not all summer courses begin at approximately 4:40 and 6:55pm.

Scheduled offerings of selected required courses are listed here.  Currently, HBSK 4072 is offered in Fall and Spring. Practicum classes are held once per year:  HBSK 5373 (fall only); HBSK 5376 (spring only); HBSK 5377 (fall only).  HBSK 5098 is offered in the Spring semester only as is HBSK 5580.  Keep in mind that there are some required courses - HBSK 5098 and each practicum (HBSK 5373, 5376 and 5377) which have pre- or co-requisites. Refer to the "Courses" link for this information. Please note also that offerings for all required and elective courses listed in the Program Advisory Statement are not offered every semester.  It is the student's responsibility to refer to the TC website for each term's course offerings and select appropriate courses.  You may contact your program advisor with further questions after you have reviewed the TC class schedule each semester.

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