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Time to Degree Completion

The Ph.D. program can be completed in 5.2 years (enter in September of Year 1, graduate in October of Year 5 as internships end on either June 30 or August 31 and the next graduation date is early October) if students begin a program of research early in the program and complete the doctoral certification requirements (research methods examination, theoretical and empirical paper) by the 4th year of the program. Typically, most of the coursework (including practica, fieldwork, and externship) is completed by the end of the third year if the student completes only the one required externship. However, for many years, all students have completed two externships to make themselves more competitive in the APPIC match (one in a clinical setting, one in a public school), extending externship into the 4th year.  Some students have chosen to do a third externship if they are specializing in intellectual disabilities/autism or child neuropsychology. The third externship increases competitiveness in the internship match and postdoctoral competition. The 4th and 5th (or 6th) years are devoted to dissertation and internship. 

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