Topics of Study

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The Hollingworth Center

Topics of Study

Central to our unique educational approach, we enact our curriculum through several study topics throughout the school year. The leadership team designs a scope and sequence for each school year selecting engaging topics that provide opportunities for deep inquiry and multiple avenues of exploration. The same study topic explored by two classes may share similar foundations but will be shaped by each group of children’s communal interests and inquiries. Therefore, no two studies are alike as they are in response to the children--their experiences, knowledge, wonderings, and their passions.

At Hollingworth Preschool, our deep trust in and respect for children guides our work. We position all children as confident and capable and thereby are willing to engage in studies transporting us back into the long ago and far away. We’ll explore life in Manhattan 400 years ago in a study of the Lenape; or travel the waterways of New York State, beginning in the Atlantic Ocean and into the Hudson Estuary, travel up the Hudson River, across the Erie Canal to arrive at the Great Lakes; or we’ll join Claude Monet in his garden in Giverny in a focused study of the artists and the impressionist art movement. Using Jerome Bruner’s concept of scaffolding, we provide the children platforms to establish and bridge connections for our community explorations.

While all of our studies are interdisciplinary in nature and design, they often (but not always!) can be categorized as Scientific, Anthropological, Aesthetic, or Genre/Narrative.