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Residential Services

Office of Residential Services

Apply for Housing

The Office of Residential Services at Teachers College offers a variety of housing options for students interested in single or family living (married students, students with domestic partners, and single parents). Our single and family student options feature furnished rooms with access to fitness rooms, TV lounges, computer rooms and study rooms. Unit prices include heat, hot water, electricity (Grant and Sarasota residents must pay the monthly electricity charges), internet access, and cable television service.

In order to be eligible to apply for student housing, you must be admitted to a Teachers College degree program. You can submit an application before you accept your admissions offer or pay your admissions deposit.

In order to be eligible to live in student housing, students must be enrolled in a degree program at Teachers College and be registered for classes. Class registration is checked when each semester begins. Full-time employees of Teachers College are not eligible for on-campus housing.

Credit Requirements

To maintain housing eligibility, residents must be enrolled and register for a minimum of 9 credits or equivalent each semester (fall and spring). Two-thirds of each semester's credits (6 points per term) must be earned course credits (i.e. not Certificates of Equivalency). Semester courses that are defined by the Registrar as full-time, qualify a resident for full-time status.


Housing contracts extend for one calendar year beginning with Summer A term. Any resident who completes 18 credits during the fall and spring semesters combined (or 9 credits during the spring semester for students who begin residency in the spring) is not required to register for summer sessions and may remain in the residence hall, but must re-enroll for the upcoming fall semester and live in Teachers College housing for the upcoming fall semester.

To remain eligible for summer housing if a resident is vacating in the summer (at the conclusion of Summer A or Summer B) the resident must be enrolled for the summer or have documentation from the College demonstrating an affiliation with the College during the summer. If the resident is teaching in public schools or has dependents in public schools, the resident is permitted to remain in housing until the conclusion of Summer A.

Length of Residency

A Resident may remain in housing for the following periods of time, depending on his/her degree program:

  • MA/MS students up to 2 years
  • MA/MS students whose degree requires 60 credits or more up to 3 years
  • EdM students up to 3 years
  • EdD/PhD students up to 6 years

Residents continuing in subsequent programs, or returning to Teachers College housing after a break in stay, are entitled to the maximum number of years for the highest degree program for which they register. For example, residents who use two years for an MA will have one additional year for an MA/MS (requiring 60 credits or more) or an EdM, and four additional years for an EdD or PhD program. Students who use three years for an MS (requiring 60 credits or more) or EdM will have three additional years for an EdD or PhD.

Residents continuing in a different program are entitled to the maximum number of years for the highest degree program for which they register plus one additional year.

Should a resident's spouse, domestic partner or child apply for on-campus housing, the resident's length of residency will be used in determining the length of eligibility for the spouse, domestic partner or child should said party receive an offer for occupancy in Teachers College housing.

Once a resident's length of residency has expired he/she may submit a written request for an extension to the Assistant Director of Residential Services for Housing for consideration by the Special Cases Committee. An extension may be offered based on extenuating circumstances.

Applying for TC housing is an online process that takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Your housing application is complete when:

  • All required fields are completed
  • The non-refundable application fee ($30) is paid
  • Your application is submitted

Housing applications are prioritized by:

  • Out-of-region students receive priority over in-region students (less than 30 aerial miles from TC)
  • Date application is received

Your housing application can be submitted once you have been accepted to Teachers College, but only students who pay their tuition deposit are eligible to receive housing.

Submitting a housing application does not guarantee housing. Submitting a housing application also does not require you to live on campus. If you are offered a space you can decline.

If you are interested in living on campus within Teachers College, Columbia University student housing, the application is available by clicking on the appropriate link below.


Student Housing Application - UNI
(If you have a UNI and have paid your Admissions deposit)


Student Housing Application - No UNI
(If you have not activated your UNI or have not paid your Admissions deposit)


If you are interested in Summer ONLY housing (Summer Conference Housing) do not submit this housing application. The Summer Conference Housing application is accessible here.

Applicants are notified in advance of each housing round (housing is offered to active applicants).

An applicant's housing application becomes active once they:

    • Pay their Admissions Deposit
    • Have no holds on their account that would prevent them from being assigned campus housing