Renewal/Vacate Process

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Residential Services

Office of Residential Services

Renewal/Vacate Process

The Renewal/Vacate Process takes place every spring semester. During the process, current residents will decide to cancel or renew their contract for the following contract year (Summer A - Spring).

All students living in TC housing must participate in the Renewal/Vacate Process. During this process you will determine whether you will be continuing in TC housing into Summer A or vacating at the end of the spring semester. You will also be able to indicate whether or not you wish to transfer rooms in early June.

The Spring 2018 Renewal/Vacate Process will begin on February 26
and conclude on March 9 at 12pm Noon

When you begin the process you will choose from 3 options:

  1. Renew your housing contract for your current assignment
  2. Renew your housing contract and request to transfer to a new unit in early June
  3. Vacate your housing at the end of the Spring 2018 semester

Renewing Your Housing Contract:

  1. You will remain in housing from Summer A 2018 until mid-May 2019 unless you submit a Vacate Notification Form according to the policies and deadlines advertised by our office
  2. You will remain in your current unit

Transfer Requests:

  1. You can only submit a request to transfer rooms if you renew your housing contract
  2. Those that are offered and accept a transfer must move June 1-3
  3. If you are not offered a transfer you are still under contract for your current room, but will be considered for transfers the subsequent semester

Vacating Housing:

  1. You will be required to move out at the end of this semester
    1. Non-graduates are required to move out by 11am on May 9
    2. Graduates are required to move out by 11am on May 18
  2. If you are interested in housing starting Summer B 2018 or later, you will need to submit a new application for housing. Those applications are available through myTC's Housing Menu.

To submit your Renewal/Vacate decision please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your myTC portal
  2. Click on the “TC Services” tab
  3. At the bottom of the list, you will see the Residential Services section. Please click on the Housing Menu.
  4. When you enter the process you should click on Renewal/Vacate Process at the top

Can I have an extension on the deadline?
Unfortunately, we are not able to give any extensions. Summer housing assignments rely on your timely response, so we need everyone to participate in the Renewal/Vacate Process by the deadline.

Is my decision final? What if I change my mind?
Once you sign your contract or submit your vacate form, your decision is final. If you selected that you will vacate housing and changed your mind, we cannot guarantee you a place in housing. If you renewed your contract and decided you now wish to vacate, you will incur a Cancellation Fee based on when you submit the request (see table below). Also, depending on when you cancel you may be held responsible for the housing charges for the following semester.

Date Vacate Submitted
After March 9
Cancellation Fee
1 - 7 days after the deadline
8 - 14 days after the deadline
15+ days after the deadline but before summer VNF*

* Once the Summer A & B VNF deadline passes on May 4,
you will be held responsible for Summer A & B housing charges.

What if I want to move out at the end of Summer A or B?
To remain eligible for summer housing if you are vacating in the summer, you must be enrolled or affiliated with TC during the summer term. If you are teaching or have dependents in public schools, you can remain in housing until the conclusion of Summer A.

If one of these is the case, you should submit a renewal contract now and then submit a Summer Vacate Notification Form (VNF) in late April. Keep in mind, our housing contract stipulates that you can only submit a VNF if you are graduating or no longer enrolled at TC. The renewal contract will extend your time in housing past May 2018 (end of housing contract) and the VNF will indicate the date you will vacate. The summer VNF will be accessible April 23 - May 4.

What if I want to return to housing in Fall 2018 but I don’t wish to stay here for the summer?
You should select the option to vacate housing at the end of the Spring 2018 semester. You will be required to move out on May 9 by 11am. You will then need to apply for Fall 2018 housing, but will not be guaranteed a space. Fall 2018 housing applications are currently available in myTC.

What is the process for transfer requests?
Transfer offers will be sent on March 15. Priority will be given to those that submitted transfer requests in the fall semester that were not offered a transfer. New transfer requests are prioritized by original housing application date. Due to high demand, we are typically not able to accommodate all transfer requests. If you do not receive an offer you will be given higher priority for a transfer in subsequent semesters.

Have any changes been made to the Housing Contract?
If there are any changes, this page will be updated prior to the Renewal/Vacate Process opening. Any changes will also be explained on the first page of the process.