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Human Development

Human Development

Catching up with Dr. Judith Miller

Recently, Dr. Judith Miller’s, an Adjunct Professor of Human Development, book, “Healing the Western Soul: A Spiritual Homecoming for Today’s Seeker” (Paragon House, 2015) has been translated and published in Germany; “Heilung der westerlichen Seele” (Verlag, Via Nova, 2017) and in Italy; (Guarire I’anima occidentale”, (ITI Edizioni, 2017). 

Here is a description of Dr. Miller’s book: The search for meaning, which is so crucial for psychological health, has lost its traditional anchors. As a result, millions of individuals are creating their own belief system. This shift began back in the Sixties, as people left traditional religion and began exploring other forms of spirituality. Social contradictions demonstrate the complex factors around the topic of the spiritual life in the West. We have reached a pivotal moment where many negative forces seem to be pulling us apart, even while powerful forces for the good, especially seen through rapidly growing global communication, are bringing people around the world ever closer together. Today’s meaning will be found through reclaiming and transforming our traditional spiritual anchors. 

Dr. Judith Miller is also co-leading with Ingo Jahrsetz an upcoming, certified 3-year Intercultural Training Program called “Transparency Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance, and Transpersonal Breathwork”. It will be held twice a year, in Germany and S. Korea beginning June 2018. For more information on dates and curriculum, please visit Dr. Miller’s website


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