Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Measurement and Evaluation | Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics | Human Development

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Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics

The Department Of Human Development

Master of Education

Measurement and Evaluation Core Courses (12 points):

  • HUDM 5059 Psychological measurement (3)
  • HUDM 6051-6052 Psychometric theory I and II (3 each)
  • HUDM 6055 Latent structure analysis (3)

 And at least 6 points selected from the following:

  • T6416 Program evaluation in social services (3) at School of Social Work
  • P8582 Program evaluation design for health policy and management (3) at Mailman School of Public Health
  • P8640 Methods in program evaluation (3) at Mailman School of Public Health
  • P8705 Evaluation of health programs (3) at Mailman School of Public Health

Quantitative Methods (15 points):

  • HUDM 4122 Probability and statistical inference (3)*
  • HUDM 5122 Applied regression analysis (3)*
  • HUDM 5123 Linear models and experimental design (3)
  • HUDM 6030 Multilevel and longitudinal data analysis (3)
  • HUDM 6122 Multivariate analysis (3)

*HUDM 4125 may be substituted for HUDM 4122 and HUDM 5126 may be substituted for HUDM 5122. 

Psychology (12 points):
Courses are taken in one or more of the following areas: developmental psychology, cognitive studies, counseling psychology, organizational psychology, or social psychology.

Research Methods (6 points):

  • HUD 4120 Methods of empirical research (3)
  • HUDM 5250 Research practicum in measurement and evaluation (0-4)

Other Aspects in Education (6 - 9 points):
One course in foundations of education and two courses in curriculum and teaching and/or educational leadership, chosen in consultation with an advisor. 

Chosen in consultation with an advisor and designed to strengthen and broaden the student’s professional preparation.

Culminating Experience:
A project that is conducted in consultation with an advisor. 

Transfer Credit:
For the Ed.M. degree, a maximum of 30 points of graduate credit may be transferred from other institutions. Only completed graduate courses with earned grades of B or higher will be considered for transfer credit. For more information, please speak with the Transfer Credit Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar. 

Satisfactory Progress:
Students are expected to make satisfactory progress towards the completion of degree requirements. If satisfactory progress is not maintained, a student may be dismissed from the program. Where there are concerns about satisfactory progress, students will be informed by the program faculty. 

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