Guide to Managing Remote Teams

Guide to Managing Remote Teams

As a result of the COVID‐19 pandemic, most of our non-essential employees are working remotely. This guide is designed to support managers and supervisors as they continue to adjust to the challenges of managing remote employees.

TCIT System Access

UNI (University Network Identification) – Once a new employee completes the online onboarding form in their Applicant Portal, they may go to within 24 to 48 hours to activate their UNI.

Computer Login (Required to log on to a desktop/laptop or to the TC VPN remotely)

New employees or the employee’s supervisor may send a ticket to ServiceNow via myTC, including the new employee’s first and last name, UNI, and an active email address.

The Service Desk will contact the new employee directly to assist with a login, Or call 212-678-3300, Option 2. Leaving a voicemail on that line automatically generates a ticket in ServiceNow.

Duo MultiFactor Authentication – (Required to access personal information such as direct deposit, paystubs, tax information, personal information)

Submit a ServiceNow ticket on myTC to request your duo account be set up, or go to for the full list of instructions.

Photo ID

Go to myTC / Employee Resources / Residential and ID Card Services / “New User ID Card Photo”. Employees should use their new UNI credentials to login, then follow the instructions to upload a photo.

Non-Essential Staff – New Employees who can begin work remotely will not require an employee I.D immediately. Once the College resumes normal operation on campus, the new employee may visit the Office of Residential Services to pick up their I.D.

Essential Staff – New Employees who are essential and must perform their duties on campus may upload a copy of their photo I.D., then email Card Services will arrange for the new employee to pick up a copy of the photo I.D.

On March 20, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security published new I-9 Document Review guidance in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Our office now has the flexibility to review employment authorization documents virtually via video conference, fax, or e-mail within three days of the employee’s hire date.

New employees will continue to complete Section 1 of the I-9 Form online on or before their first day of employment. To complete Section 2, our office will inspect the employment authorization documents the employee presents via video conference, fax, or e-mail. The employee must also email or fax us a copy of the document(s) they present. This process will allow all employees to adhere to the NYS “stay-at-home” order that is currently in effect.

Once normal operations resume at Teachers College, all employees who were onboarded using remote virtual verification must report to Human Resources within three business days for in-person validation of the documentation they presented.

When approving timesheets for employees who have not worked the hours but are being paid, please follow the guidance from the Payroll Department. Please note: employees are to enter regular time work and not TC Closure or Snow Day.

Supervisors should schedule regular (daily or weekly) check-ins with teams and/or individuals to ensure necessary work is being completed, assign additional tasks or projects as well as a general welfare check on employees.

To ensure that we can consistently deliver core services, recruitment and hiring should continue only for staff whose hire is critical for the operation of the College. Effective April 1st and until further notice, recruitment and hiring for non-critical positions is suspended. If you are currently recruiting for a position and/or have a pending offer for employment, please discuss next steps with your department head.

We informed you last week that 14 Emergency Sick Days are now available to full time and regular part time employees that can be used when an individual has been officially ordered to quarantine (either mandatory or precautionary) or a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 is received. Employees must provide an official order of quarantine from the State, other government entity, a medical provider or a testing site. 

The HRIS and Payroll teams are currently testing a new code to be used specifically for this type of sick leave. Until the code is put into production, if an employee notifies you that they have been ordered to quarantine, please inform us immediately and report any emergency sick days used as regular sick time. Once the new code is available, appropriate adjustments to the sick time bank will be made. Employees have to inform the office of Human Resources and submit medical documentation to Evelyn Fernandez ( or Harry Alvia ( as soon as they have received an order of quarantine or a positive diagnosis.

Please reach out to your HR representative if you have any questions or need further guidance.

We are resuming the Thursday morning HR Drop-in sessions (10 am to 11 am) online. If you would like to join, please RSVP by completing this form. Please add your questions and topics for discussion on the form.

While we are here to work, it is also important to have balance especially in our remote-work situation. We are accustomed to seeing each other on a daily basis but now in our current “temporary new normal”  that’s not possible. Team building is important now more than ever and we recommend a few websites (which we in HR have used) for virtual team building exercises.

Museum Hack 

Time Doctor


Personnel Action Forms (PAF) will be processed in accordance with the regular Payroll Schedule. PAF’s will be approved via email, please follow the below steps to submit PAFs:

  1. Download the Personnel Action Form by selecting this link: PAF form
  2. Complete the downloaded form and save to PDF. 
  3. Obtain email approvals for the completed PAF. The same approval process that currently exist with the paper PAF needs to be followed:
    1. Attach the completed PAF in an email and send to the Department Head for his/her email approval.
    2. The Department Head will need to forward the email (with the attachment) to the next mandatory approver with the note "Approved".
    3. The email will continuously be forwarded to the next level approver (with the note "Approved") until it reaches the Budget or Grants Office.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we’ve literally had a crash course in change management. The term “building the plane as you fly” has become increasingly popular worldwide, but especially true in our world of Education, as we’ve seen many of you stop and rethink your business in a matter of days. 

Through it all we’ve seen the resiliency and courage of everyone in the community and around the world! There have been so many great resources put out by countless organizations to help everyone adjust and stay connected to our new social norm. 

(These resources provided are for your reference purposes only, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Teachers College.  Nothing contained in these resources supersedes any College policy.)

Building and Leading High-Performing Remote Teams 

How to Use Technology to Support Remote Teams

How to Manage Remote Teams Effectively

Working Remotely

4 Ways You Can Give YourRemote Workforce a Sense of Togetherness 

PAFs for positions funded 100% on grant index numbers should be submitted via email to the Grants and Contracts Office, attention John Hernandez. This is a change to the paper PAF routing. Before we started working remotely, all paper PAFs, including those for positions funded 100% on grants, were submitted to the Controller’s office. This is a temporary change to facilitate the remote work workflow.

PAFs for Partially Grant Funded positions should continue to be submitted to the Budget office for approval.

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