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Office of Institutional Studies

Office of Institutional Studies

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Enrolled Student Survey

The Enrolled Student Survey, first conducted in Spring 2016, replaces the former Student Satisfaction Survey, which had been administered by OIS for more than 15 years. While the Enrolled Student Survey includes some of the same mainstays of the original, it significantly expands its scope beyond the academic to elicit and consolidate student feedback speaking to offices and services across the college.

 The survey asks enrolled students to share their thoughts on a range of issues including satisfaction with course variety, advising, and  program and faculty quality, as well as questions about interactions with a number of student service offices (i.e.: Office of Financial Aid, Office of International Students, The Graduate Writing Center, Career Services, etc.).  As the newly centralized office for all administrative surveys, OIS consults with offices across the College for input on the construction of the Enrolled Student Surveys. Depending on the needs of various administrative offices each term, question topics may also include items about social engagement with the TC community, interest in particular areas of study, etc. 

 The Enrolled Student Survey is administered online by OIS twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. This timing is by design and intended to 1) keep the length reasonable and 2) to ensure that time-sensitive questions are captured appropriately (e.g., questions about new student orientations are on the Fall survey, while questions about post-graduation plans are asked on the Spring iteration).

 By centralizing surveys through OIS, the number of administrative surveys sent to enrolled students has decreased drastically.  In addition, it has allowed OIS to engage in more comprehensive, better synthesized analyses which allow for a deeper understanding of all aspects of the student experience. 

 For more information, please e-mail Haley Rosenfeld at har2124@tc.columbia.edu.