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Columbia Health & Related Services Fee

The Columbia Health & Related Services Fee is in place so that students can have easy access to a physician, nutritionist, and a psychological counselor, as well as countless other self-care programs, for a per semester fee (Fall and Spring). This fee is mandatory for all full-time students (taking 12 billable credits) or students living in the residence halls at Teachers College and may not be waived, and/or international students (regardless of credit status). Full-time students who waive the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan are still required to pay the Columbia Health Fee and are automatically enrolled. 

For elligible part-time students not living in the dorms, the Columbia Health Fee is not required. If you would like to opt into the Columbia Health Fee to have access to these great benefits, that is an option for you. Please contact our office for the appropriate enrollment form.

Teachers College students that pay the Columbia Health & Related Services Fee also have access to Columbia University Student Life Support Groups.  For more information please visit Columbia Health's webpage for the semester-long Student Life Support GroupsNote: These services are available to students who are charged the Columbia Health Fee, including those who waived the university's insurance plan.

For all information regarding services offered by Columbia Health, please go to their website at