Dependent Coverage

Dependent Coverage

Students who enroll in The Columbia Plan may also choose to insure their eligible dependents.
Eligible dependents include:

  • Lawful spouse or domestic partner residing with the student
  • Unmarried children under the age of 26, including stepchildren and foster children, who are not self-supporting and reside with the student, or for whom the student is court-ordered to provide insurance
  • Newborn or newly adopted children
  • New dependents (e.g., marriage, birth, adoption, etc.) must be added to the policy within 60 days of their addition to the family. 

Dependents are not automatically enrolled. Dependent coverage must be requested each year by completing the Dependent Enrollment form located on the Patient Portal via Downloadable Forms before the deadlines below:

Fall term: September 30
Spring term:
February 15 (new incoming students only)
Summer term: June 30 (new incoming students only)
New dependents (e.g., marriage, birth, etc.) may only be added to the policy within 60 days of their addition to the family.

Please complete the QLE Petition and Dependent Enrollment Forms located on the Patient Portal via Downloadable forms. All forms and required documentation must be uploaded through the Patient Portal for review.

Point of Care and Referrals
Spouses and domestic partners must receive their primary care on-campus at Columbia Health Medical Services. Referrals will be required for most non-emergency off-campus medical care; dependents do not require a referral for mental health services.

Dependent children will continue to receive all of their care off-campus; referrals are not required. Review the full list of covered benefits under the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan on the Aetna Student Health website.


Fee Schedule for Dependents 
Charges for the health insurance premium and the Columbia Health fee will appear on Fall and Spring semester bills.  Spring charges include insurance coverage for summer months, so the Spring premium is higher. 


Fall Premium
August 15 – December 31

Spring/Summer Premium  January 1 – August 14

Total Annual Premium





1 Child




2+ Children

$3, 944.00



Spouse/Partner & 1 Child




Spouse/Partner & Children




Enrolled spouses/domestic partners are charged an additional $327 per semester (Fall and Spring) for the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. 


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