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What's New in the Columbia Health Insurance Plan

Full  plan year modifications will be available every August before the new academic year!

Every year, Columbia Health re-evaluates the benefits of the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan, making adjustments and negotiating changes as necessary so as to offer the most cost-effective appropriate coverage possible.

Below are the benefit modifications for the 2018 - 2019 plan year: 

We are happy to say that there were no major additions or deletions regarding benefits, though there are some updates to benefit dollar and precentage levels.  Here are the key highlights:

Plan 90

Plan 90 - formerly known as the Gold Plan - is designed to provide a level of coverage that is sufficient for most students (and eligible dependents). It is appropriate for students who have relatively predicible healthcare needs. 

  • $200 in-network deductible
  • 10% co-insurance after Deductible is met
  • $30 office-visit copay
  • $150 emergency room (ER) copay
  • $60 urgent care center copay 
  • $20 mental health copay
  • $15/$50/$75 prescription copays 
  • $4,000 in-network annual out-of-pocket maximum

Plan 100

Plan 100 - formerly known as the Platinum Plan - is designed for students who have on-going healthcare needs or may have chronic health conditions. 

  • No deductible
  • No coinsurance on most services
  • $20 office-visit copay
  • $250 emergency room (ER) copay
  • $40 urgent care center copay
  • $20 mental health copay
  • $10/$30/$50 prescription copays
  • $3,000 in-network annual out-of-pocket maximum 

As you can see in the last item, the out of pocket costs for our students will be higher if they use out-of-network providers.  We will continue working to educate students on the care and cost benefits of seeking care in-network and appreciate your support in this effort.

Insurance Cards

One of our efforts is to increase information access as well as support the Columbia University Environmental Stewardship Plans.  As part of these strategies, Aetna will no longer automatically mail insurance cards.  We are encouraging students to add the Aetna Navigator application to their phone for 24/7 digital access to their insurance cards.  Students will also be able to print a copy of their insurance card 24/7 using the Teachers College specific Aetna website and will also have the option to call Aetna Customer Service to request an insurance card be mailed.  Get your digital ID card on aetnastudenthealth.com

Dependent Enrollment

  • Students wishing to enroll spouses/domestic partners or children must contact the Insurance and Immunizations Office. The  premiums will be billed to the enrolled student's account.
  • Students and their dependents must be enrolled in the same level of the insurance (Plan 90 or Plan 100).
  • Spouses/domestic partners will be charged $281 per semester Columbia Health Fee ($562 annually).
  • Spouses/domestic partners primary care will begin on-campus at Medical Services.
  • Referrals will now be required for most non-emergency off-campus medical services for spouses/domestic partners.

*Please note: preventive services available on campus must be obtained at Columbia Medical Services, if the student is within 50 miles of Columbia Health. The Aetna Student Health plan is a referral-based plan. When outside of the 50-mile radius or for emergent care, these services are completely covered (100%) if and only if they are a participating, in-network Aetna Student Health plan provider.