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Waiving the Columbia Health Insurance Plan

Eligible students who are automatically enrolled in the Gold level of Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan may request to waive coverage by the deadline by completing the waiver form online in myTC Portal. As a domestic student, if you plan on dropping below 12 billable credits (and you are not living in the dorms) DO NOT submit a waiver. The Insurance and Columbia Health & Related Services Fee will reverse off within 24 hours of you dropping.

Please note that domestic students will not have the option to waive until they are (1) registered for classes and (2) the enrollment/waiver portal has been opened. Students will be notified when the option to waive is available.

The deadlines to submit waiver requests are September 30 for continuing and new students entering in the fall and February 15 for new students admitted for the Spring.

PLEASE NOTE: A valid waiver request must be submitted each year during the fall semester by the specified deadline to substitute other comparable coverage for the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan.

Even if you plan to waive participation in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan because you currently have comparable coverage, you are strongly encouraged to review the coverage your current plan offers and compare it to the coverage provided by the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan, which has been designed specifically for students. For information about comparing your plan with the Columbia Student Health Insurance please refer to the resources provided by Columbia Health‌. For additional information, please see our brochures and guides web page.

Waiver Request Submission Deadlines

Fall Term

September 30 via myTC Portal

Spring Term
(for newly admitted
Spring students only)

February 15 via myTC Portal

Criteria for Comparable Alternate Medical Insurance Coverage

All full-time domestic students (12 billable credits or more and/or living in the Residence Halls) and all international students are by default enrolled in to Plan 90 level of the Columbia Student Health Insurance plan.

Domestic full-time students (12 Billable credits or more and/or living in the Residence Halls) can request a waiver from enrollment by submitting a request online before September 30th for Fall semester and February 15th for new Spring students only.

All requests are considered but approval is not guaranteed.  International students are not permitted to waive the Columbia Plan unless covered by a US-based, ACA Compliant, employer-sponsored plan that meets all of the waiver criteria below.

Please review your alternate coverage to determine whether it meets all of the following criteria:


The plan must meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) including coverage for routine, urgent, and emergent care for all Essential Benefits in New York State. For a description of the ACA Essential Benefits please see our Compare Your Coverage tool. 

Information regarding ACA regulations:






The plan must be effective, and remain in force, for the duration of the following schedule:

New Students

  • New Fall Admits, August 15, 2018 – August 14, 2019
  • New Spring Admits, January 1, 2019  - August 14, 2019

Continuing Students

  • August 15, 2018 – August 14, 2019

Graduating Students

  • August 15, 2019 – last day of the month in the last academic term in which you are a registered student. 

The plan must be licensed to do business in the United States.

About the Columbia Health & Related Services Fee

The Columbia Health & Related Services Fee is mandatory for all living in TC residence halls, all students registered for 12 or more billable credits in the Fall or Spring term, an/or International students, regardless of the type of insurance coverage carried. This fee cannot be waived. The Columbia Health & Related Services Fee is applied during the Fall and Spring semester on an annual basis. For additional questions about the Columbia Health Fee, please refer to our FAQs.