Fulbright Student Program

Students interested in applying to the U.S. Fulbright Student program should visit the Fulbright website for detailed information on the program and application process. We encourage potential applicants to begin with the Getting Started page, where you will find information on eligibility, types of applicants, types of awards, specific country opportunities, and various applicant components. Students may also find it helpful to register for Fulbright's information and instructional webinars throughout the application season.

A list of current webinars can be found on our Announcements page.

Application and Deadlines

Students may apply to the Fulbright Student Program as an At-Large candidate or through Teachers College. Students who wish to apply At-Large should follow the relevant guidelines on the Fulbright website and upload their full applications through the Fulbright student portal by October 13, 2020. Students who wish to apply through Teachers College must ensure that their applications are uploaded by September 14, 2020. Please note that the College’s deadline is one month earlier to allow adequate time for review and endorsement.

2021-2022 Competition
  • Deadline to Apply through Teachers College: September 14th, 5PM EST
  • Deadline to Apply At-Large/IIE National Deadline: October 13th, 5PM EST
Things to Keep in Mind
  • Internal applicants must upload their complete application into the Embark portal system on the IIE website by the campus deadline of September 14th, 5PM EST. Please take note of the timezone. This includes completeing the online application; and uploading your statements and transcriptions. However, this does not include uploading the sponsorship letter or letters of recommendation.
  • The deadline for all applications (internal and at-large) is October 13th, 5PM EST. Please take note of the timezone.

For more information on applying through the College, please review the TC Fulbright Program Guide (2019)‌. Contact Us if you have any additional questions. Include "Fulbright" in the subject line.

TC Pre-Application

Students who intend to apply through the College must submit a pre-application by the deadline noted below. Completing the Fulbright application is an endeavor that requires time, work and critical reflection. The pre-application is intended to:

  1. Help you prepare your application in a timely and thorough manner; and
  2. Give us the information we need to not only provide guidance tailored specifically to you, but also to help us assess your strengths as an applicant.

As such, the information provided on this pre-application is for internal uses only and will not be shared with IIE.

Pre-applications for Fall 2020 are now closed. Please check back in Spring 2021 for Fall 2021 pre-applications.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are open to all prospective applicants whether they intend to apply at-large or through the College. Those who intend to apply through TC should begin preparing the appropriate TC pre-application. Please see below for more information.

Past Sessions

Wednesday, August 12th

  • Please see below for session recording.

Wednesday, July 8th

* Due to technical issues, the recording begins 10 or so minutes into the session.

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