Partnership Policy

Whether you're still exploring or actively pursuing an international partnership, be it a new request or intended to expand an existing activity to a broader, institutional framework, please see the Intl. Partnership Criteria & Routing Sheet 2021 for a detailed breakdown of considerations to note.

Please note that the routing sheet is an electronic form routed via Adobe e-sign to the appropriate signatories. When you are ready to complete the form, please notify us so that we can initiate the routing procedure. In addition, this routing sheet is not intended to support external requests with no immediate faculty support. Such requests should be sent to OIA for further vetting.

Visiting Scholars

Beginning September 4, 2019, all visiting scholar applications will be processed through the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

Please feel free to contact OISS (tcintl@tc.columbia.edu | 212-678-3939) with any relevant inquiries.



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