ITS Summer 2018 Research Grant Awardees | International & Transcultural Studies

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International & Transcultural Studies

The Faculty of the International & Transcultural Studies Department congratulate our students who have been awarded the ITS Summer 2018 Research Grant:

Lucia Caumont-Stipanicic’s pre-dissertation inquiry aims to expand academic research on South-South migration by exploring the specific case of Latin American countries sending immigrants to Uruguay.

Phoebe Doan’s research seeks to understand how academic cheating formed, operated and became prevalent across institution types by looking at institutions' structure, classrooms' climate, and students' friendship network play in these processes.

Amanda Earl will be traveling to Mexico to engage in ethnographic study of the teaching and learning taking place among Indigenous-language speakers at the Intercultural Universities of Puebla and Veracruz in order to better understand the relationships between intercultural public higher education and students’ cultural and academic identities, social mobility, and well-being.

Prashanth Kuganathan’s research investigates the effects war and migration have had on English language primary and secondary schooling in northern Sri Lanka.

Ji Liu is conducting dissertation research exploring the policy developments regarding teacher wage setting in China, and tracing both national and regional level policy shifts by examining extensive archive documents.

Rodrigo Mayorga’s dissertation research attempts to identify how student activism and student protests have produced a new assemblage of formal and informal citizenship education practices in Chile, in order to understand how Chilean students produce relationships with the State and other publics while striving to achieve social change.

Nick Welna’s summer research is a pilot study at an education technology startup in New York City, where he will be using participant observation to explore how corporations are using online learning to train their employees.

Andrew Wortham will be piloting his dissertation work on LGBT communities in Chengdu, China this summer, by working with the LGBT organization AiBai to test different methods for utilizing online dating apps to reach out to potentially isolated gay men in the surrounding areas.  


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