3rd Conference on Anthropology and Education, Oct 26 & 27th | Anthropology and Education | International & Transcultural Studies

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3rd Conference on Anthropology and Education Schedule & Registration

The Work of Education

October 26 & 27, 2018

Teachers College, Columbia University

For too long, “education,” in anthropology, appeared as a by-product of other work sometimes  labeled “enculturation” or “socialization.”  And when, as is generally done, “education” is reduced to schooling, the only work seriously considered is the work of teachers, administrators, and policy makers. Anthropologists of education know better, though they often have a difficult time making themselves heard. 

In this Third Conference, we want to put the accent on this work in all its settings, aspects, conditions and affordances, in schooling and beyond. Parents struggling with infants (and their own parents, pediatricians, etc.) are at educational work; so are the elderly (and their children, neighbors, etc.) figuring out who does what in the crowd treating them—and who is to pay for them; so are poets reading to their audience. Of course, the teachers in their many encounters with students, peers, and administrators are all doing educational work; and so are policy makers, reformers, activists, who fight to redirect institutional flows. Beyond schools, we are considering the educative work involved in urban and/or globalized settings of performance, oral traditions, the court of law, youth recruitment and the like. Education, in all its forms and modalities, is always hard work and it is always the work of crowds of people jostling for attention, authority, and power. 


  • $50 (for outside faculty & Independent Researchers)
  • $25 (Everyone else- Students & NY Educators)
  • Free for TC, Columbia, Barnard Students and Staff

To Register, visithttps://commerce.cashnet.com/continuing?itemcode=CE_PS-ITS-02 

To access the program, vist:  3rd Conference on Anthropology and Education Schedule

 Conference Organizers:

Amina Tawasil, PhD, Nicholas Limerick, PhD, Hervé Varenne, PhD

Contact anthroevents@tc.columbia.edu with any questions.