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Andrew Wortham awarded Cowin Research Fellowship

Andrew Wortham has recently joined the Cowin Financial Literacy Project as an Associate Project Manager and Doctoral Research Fellow.  He will be working with Joyce Cowin, Anand Mandi, Maureen Grolnick and Rob Shand on their work to develop and teach a course on financial literacy that high school teachers can teach in their classrooms.  The project emerged from the 2008 financial crises when Joyce Cowin felt that many Americans had been misled due to a lack of understanding about their financial situation and options.  This course seeks to move beyond simply lecturing students about financial terms and use case studies to teach students how to critically evaluate situations and make better financial decisions.  It also hopes to empower lower-income students to understand the financial systems, and advocate and work for broader structural changes.  Andrew will be helping to write the curriculum and launch the new online classes that begin in January 2017.