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Past Announcements

Anthropology & Education Lecture Series

Fall 2018 Schedule

Ilana Gershon, Indiana University - Bloomington
Friday, October 26, 10:30am, Milbank Chapel
"The Work of Giving Bad Advice: Instruction, Translation, Standardization"

Thea Abu-El Haj, Barnard College
Saturday, October 27, 9:30am, Milbank Chapel
“Education That 'Breaks Your Heart': Learning and Teaching in the Lebanese Conflict Zone”

Cati Coe, Rutgers University
Saturday, October 27, 4:00pm, Milbank Chapel
"The Enchantments of Education: States, Markets, and Transnational Migration in the Constitution of Persons"

Ofelia Garcia, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Monday, November 5th, 5:10pm, 539 GDH
“Translanguaging, Multilingualism and Education”
Co-sponsored by the Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies

Jacqueline Urla, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Thursday, November 29, 3:00 pm, 438 Horace Mann
“Toward a Speaker Centered Approach to Language Planning: Basque in Spain”
Co-sponsored by the Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies

Jaskiran Dhillon, The New School
Thursday, December 6, 1:00pm, 138 Horace Mann
“Reflections on Prairie Rising:  Indigenous Youth, Decolonization, and the Politics of Intervention”
Co-sponsored by Barnard College Department of Education