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Past Announcements

Professor Varenne & alumni teach in Haiti

In December 2013, the Wenner-Gren foundation awarded an Institutional Development Grant to the Université d’Etat d’Haïti to partner with scholars at Teachers College, the University of Kansas, and others around the world to develop an anthropological doctoral program in Haiti. This doctoral program will endeavor to provide students with world-class credentials in anthropology. The two main partners at the Faculté d'Ethnologie are Dr. Jacques Jovin and Prof. Jhon Picard Byron. The primary partner at Teachers College is Prof. Hervé Varenne.

In May 2015, Prof. Hervé Varenne, Dr. Scott Freeman (TC Columbia 2014), and Prof. Bartholomew Dean traveled to Haiti to teach courses as a part of the doctoral curriculum.  Varenne gave a course on education and culture.  Freeman taught about environmental anthropology.  Dean, co-teaching with Dr. Kiran Jayaram (TC Columbia 2014), gave a course in political anthropology, covering globalization, the state, race/class/gender/citizenship, violence and rights, and militarism. Additionally, the two offered practical information on how to learn more about political anthropology.  Finally, Jayaram ran two seminars for students on how to craft a professional CV and how to manage one’s image in professional settings.