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Watch presentations from Conference on Applying Anthropology

On putting anthropology to work in the contemporary world:
A small conference on “applying” anthropology and its dilemmas

February 26, 2015
Horace Mann 150

Keynote Address by Professor Jean Lave at 12:00 in Milbank Chapel


Baines, Kristina (Professor, Guttman Community College, CUNY) : WATCH "The Best Intentions: Reflections on 'helpful' NGOs and the role of the anthropologist"
Bartlett, Lesley (Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH Professor Bartlett's presentation
Boyd, Brian (Professor, Columbia University): WATCH “Community anthropology in the Palestinian Territories: An archaeological perspective on settler colonialism”
Burnside, Bruce (Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH "Living Myth, Silent Paper"
D'Altroy, Terence (Professor, Columbia University)
Freeman, Scott (Visiting Scholar, George Washington University): WATCH "Revisions of Soil: Generations of applied anthropology in Haiti"
Harrington, Charles (Professor Emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University)
Hudson, Laura (Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH “The Contributions of Applied Anthropology to the Study of New Media Technologies and Future Possibilities for Research”
Lave, Jean (Professor, University of California, Berkeley)
McDermott, Ray (Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University)
Oliveira, Gabrielle (Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH "Transnational Care Constellations: Mexican Immigirant Mothers and their Children in Mexico and New York City"
Scroggins, Michael (Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH "'Bluntly, it was none of our business': Tracing the Intellectual Roots of, and Reactions to, Applied Anthropology"
Sharp, Lesley (Professor, Barnard College)
Souleles, Daniel (Doctoral Candidate, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH "Living Myth, Silent Paper"
Susser, Ida (Professor, Hunter College)
VarenneHervé (Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University): WATCH the introduction to the conference
West, Paige (Professor, Barnard College): WATCH Professor West's discussion
Wortham, Stanton (Professor, University of Pennsylvania)

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