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Read Recent Publications by Our Current Doctoral Students

Have some time this Summer? 

Read some of our current doctoral students' recent publications!

"From the Epicenter, At the Apex: A dispatch about birth and COVID-19 from New York City" published in the City and Society Journal, this month, by Sarah Vázquez-Xu, current Ph.D. student.

"Biopower, mediascapes, and the politics of fear in the age of COVID‐19," published in the City and Society Journal, this June, by Noël Um, current Ph.D. student.

An opinion piece, "Along together or Online Together" written in Anthropology News just this month as she discusses insights during this pandemic, and read further on her chapter, "Between Local and Global Citizenship in Egypt," by Sara O. Ahmed.


A chapter, by Fernanda Dias:

Dias, F. V. 2019. A pedagogia crítica nos Estados Unidos: possibilidades para pensar a prática educativa crítica e popular (Critical pedagogy in the United States: possibilities for considering critical and popular educational practice). In Peres, Selma Martines and Alves, Maria Zenaide (eds.). Educação Popular e Letramentos. 1. ed. Jundiaí, SP: Paco, p. 19-42. Print (book) and E-book


Two articles, "Jordanian Female Teachers Activism in the Latest Teachers Successful Strike," by Afaf A. Al-Khoshman and "Getting In and Getting Through: Navigating Higher Education in Jordan" co-authored by Afaf A. Al-Khoshman, current PhD student, with Fida Adely, Angela Haddad, and Abdel Hakim Al-Husban.