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In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Doctoral Programs

The Doctoral Programs are research degrees designed to help students develop the complex theoretical and methodological issues involved in the application of anthropological knowledge and approaches to matters of policy concern in medicine, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, economic and community development, education, businesses and corporations, institutional programs, ecological and environmental change, etc.. The programs lead to a Columbia degree and capitalize on the strength of the university's faculty.

Two doctoral programs are offered and differ slightly in their focus and the career paths for which they prepare.

The program in Anthropology and Education emphasizes theories of education and their uses in the analysis and planning of educational efforts in and out of schools.  An EdD in Anthropology and Education is also available under special circumstances.

The program in Applied Anthropology, a joint program with the Department of Anthropology at Columbia, emphasizes the ways disciplinary insights can be used to analyze and plan the conditions and implementations of efforts to transform programs, policies and other deliberate activities in all areas of human activity.

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