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In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Urban Education

Masters of Arts or Masters of Education

As the human population increases, moves around the globe, and settles in ever denser urban environments, we must develop new understandings of the populations educators face.  To the classic issues regarding poverty and class stratification, or ethnic and racial multiplicity, new issues have arisen surrounding migration and the delocalization of many groups.  Our emphasis in Urban Education introduces students to the issues and current thinking on how to reform educational institutions to serve populations in their conditions.

Careers for students who have emphasized Urban Education include working in governmental and non-governmental agencies concerned with the educational aspects of their work (in the worlds of medicine, communication, business, etc.) both in the United States and abroad.

Suggested programs of study includes:

  • 16 points in general anthropology
  • 6 points in research methods techniques
  • 10 points in courses related to specific issues in urban education (including courses in sociology, economics, international education, etc.)
  • an internship in an urban educational institution
  • an integrative project related to the course work and internship
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