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International and Comparative Education

In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Our Degrees


General Degree Requirements

The program is designed to provide students with challenging coursework related to international and transcultural dimensions of education. Requirements include work in four areas: a core curriculum, a concentration that is either a discipline (for Comparative and International Education) or a professional field of education (for International Educational Development), transcultural or geographically related study, and elective credits.

The program arrangements are designed to be as flexible as possible so that previous educational and professional experiences and the future career goals of the student may be taken into account in the choice of appropriate coursework. Each student is expected to assume major responsibility for formulating, in cooperation with the academic advisor, a plan of study that will best meet the general program requirements in a way most compatible with her/his own professional goals. Keep in mind that degrees are offered only by program, that is, applicants need to specify to which of the two international education programs they are applying.

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