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International and Comparative Education

In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Doctoral Students

Welcome to the profiles of the doctoral students in the Comparative and International Education programs at Teachers College! These snapshots demonstrate our academic, professional and personal diversity. We hail from Brazil to India to New York and bring to the Department of International and Transcultural Studies a cache of experience as curriculum developers, high school teachers, university administrators, evaluation consultants, and education officials---having focused our energies in informal and formal education spheres within our home countries and beyond. As students, our research spans the disciplines from anthropology to economics, and we contribute to the growth of educational specializations including literacy, policy and humanitarian affairs. It is because of our broad and varied backgrounds that we find unity in our diversity and thus collaborate regularly---co-presenting on a CIES conference panel, publishing volumes of student research, or hosting grant-writing workshops for our TC community. On any given day, you will find members of our cohort on the third floor of the Gottesman Library studying together for our "comps," meeting in TC's cafeteria to plan the next ALAS student conference, enjoying a neighborhood locale after a Thursday evening doctoral seminar, planning a CICE journal launch or meeting up in our varied fieldwork sites. Enjoy our profiles! If you would like to contact one of us, please use the Directory on the TC website to obtain an email address.‌

* IED/CIE Doctoral Students: Profiles are updated and new profiles are added ONCE a year during the Fall semester.


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