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International and Comparative Education

In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

IED/CIE-Related Student Organizations

There are more than 30 recognized student organizations active at Teachers College. In addition, there are numerous other student organizations available to Teachers College students through Columbia University. The missions for these organizations range from professional networking, academic enrichment, to social advocacy.

Please check the website or visit Student Development and Activities (SDA) in the Office of Student Affairs (160 Thorndike) for more information and to subscribe to their newsletter.  

Society for International Education (SIE)

Society for International Education (SIE) provides opportunities for students, staff and faculty in the broad field of comparative and international education to interface, network and share information with regards to events and employment opportunities that are relevant to international education.



SIE has published four volumes of student research which serves to highlight Teachers College and Columbia University graduate scholarship related to international and comparative education.Publication of these volumes was made possible through grants and assistance from: the TC Student Senate; the TC Office of Student Acitivites; TC's Department of International and Transcultural Studies; TC's Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies; TC's Office of the Dean; and the Columbia University's President's and Provost's Student Initiative Fund.  A PDF of each complete volume is available below:

Association of Latin American Scholars (ALAS)

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) is aimed at creating an academic, cultural, and social network within the Latin American community at Teachers College by embracing students from numerous countries. 


Coalition of Latino/a Scholars (CLS)

Coalition of Latino/a Scholars (CLS) is committed to supporting the growing number of Latino/a scholars through active outreach, recruitment and mentoring. CLS is dedicated to the enrichment of academic perspectives and promotion of policies and research that address issues relevant to Latino/a schooling and to our diverse community.


Asian & Pacific Islanders in America (APIA)

Asian Pacific Islanders in America (APIA) Initiative seeks to educate the TC community regarding APIA issues in politics, education and in the community. The Initiative also strives to take action and sustain positive change for APIA and underrepresented groups.


African Studies Working Group (ASWG)

African Studies Working Group (ASWG) provides opportunities for students, staff and faculty in the broad field of African Studies to interface, network and share information regarding events and employment opportunities of relevance to those in the field of African and African-related education. 

Website: Facebook Page

Development in South Asia (DISHA)

Development in South Asia (DISHA) promotes awareness and advocacy for South-Asian issues.


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