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Financial Aid FAQs

Does the Office of International Services offer TC scholarships?

The OIS does not participate in the TC scholarship process. Scholarships decisions are made by the individual academic departments. However, the OIS does work on funding-related issues for sponsored students (students on Fulbright scholarships). The OIS is also responsible for awarding doctoral presentation grants for international doctoral students who have been invited to present at professional and academic conferences.

How do I apply for a TC scholarship?

New students who are applying for admission should apply for admission by the early or priority deadline to ensure consideration for scholarship assistance. Continuing students should consult closely with their academic advisors to indicate their interest in receiving scholarship assistance. Scholarship decisions are typically made in April / May for the following academic year, but there is no specific 'deadline' for consideration.

Why doesn't TC offer scholarships to everyone?

Unfortunately, TC has only very limited scholarship resources, and is unable to provide support to everyone. Many highly qualified and deserving students do not receive aid.

What kind of financial aid am I eligible to receive?

International students may receive:

  • TC or outside private scholarships and fellowships; TC scholarships usually go directly toward tuition and fees 
  • Students with employment authorization may also pursue on-campus and off-campus employment, within legal restrictions (see the 'Employment and Taxes' section of this web site for more information on employment regulations
  • Private bank or student loans, but these require a U.S.-citizen or permanent resident to act as a cosigner.

International students are not eligible for U.S.-government related financial aid, including Federal Work Study jobs, as well as U.S.-subsidized student loans (e.g., Stafford loan).

How can I find an on-campus job?

See the "Job Resources" page, in the 'Employment and Taxes' section of this web site.