Termination or Completion of F-1 Status

Termination or Completion of F-1 Status

Termination of Status

Teachers College is required to terminate the F-1 records of any student for a number of different reasons. Termination may take place because the student has departed the United States, has obtained a different immigration status, or has committed an immigration violation of some kind. Some typical reasons for termination include:

  • Early withdrawal from course of study
  • Authorized absence from the United States exceeding five months or more
  • Change of non-immigrant status
  • Adjustment to permanent resident status
  • Unlawful employment
  • Failure to enroll as a full-time student without permission

Please speak to the OISS if you believe any of these termination reasons may apply to you. Students whose records are terminated may not use their I-20(s) or F-1 visas to travel or re-enter the United States.

Early Withdrawal

On occasion, students may find that they need to withdraw from studies - either temporarily or permanently - due to various reasons. If you believe you will need to withdraw from your program, please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) before withdrawing.

When you are ready to request a leave of absence from Teachers College, you will need to submit the Leave of Absence Request eForm to the OISS via TC-Compass. The OISS will authorize you to withdraw from classes and grant you a 15 day period to prepare for departure from the U.S. You must obtain this approval prior to withdrawing from classes.

If you terminate your course of study without prior approval from the OISS, you are not eligible for an additional period for departure. Your status ends immediately on the day you withdrew from your program.

Completion of F-1 Status

F-1 students are admitted for 'duration of status.' This means that your status comes to and end after you have completed your course of study and any post-completion Optional Practical Training for which you may have been authorized.

Once you have completed your studies and/or any OPT, you are allowed a maximum of sixty (60) days to do one of the following:

  • prepare for departure from the U.S.
  • apply for a new I-20 to begin a new program of study at TC
  • transfer your F-1 records to a new school, to begin a new program of study at that institution, or
  • apply for a change of non-immigrant status to another classification, such as H-1 'working visa' status.
    If any of the above apply, you can submit the End F-1 Status form via TC-Compass. Upon receipt, the OISS will update your F-1 record accordingly. 


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