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Bilingual/Bicultural Program Focus, MS Program in Speech and Language Pathology

As members of a leading university in New York City, the faculty and clinical staff in the program in speech-language pathology at Teachers College Columbia University have a strong commitment to educating students so that as professionals they work effectively in a multicultural world. The knowledge and skills needed to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services are integrated into our coursework and clinical experiences. We understand and appreciate the value of having a multicultural student body and the richness that diversity brings to our classroom discussions and clinical experiences.


The required courses for the bilingual/bicultural program focus are:


BBSQ 5041 School speech-language-hearing program

Analyzes the impact of federal and state laws on service delivery in school setting. Develops skills to meet the needs of students with communication-disorders with the full range of disabilities, including working with other professionals to assist children in accessing the general curriculum

Instructor(s):D Valenti

Offered: Spring


BBSQ 5111 Assessment and Evaluation, with bilingual/bicultural focus faculty

Prerequisites: A course in normal language development and a course in Language Disorders in Children. Studies use of published tests, technology, and alternative and curriculum-based strategies in assessment. Focuses on the impact of bilingualism and sociolinguistics on the assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse clients across the lifespan, covering the full range of disabilities.

Instructor(s): C Crowley

Offered: Fall


BBSQ 5115: Language Disorders in Children, with bilingual/bicultural focus faculty

Prerequisite: A course in normal language development.  Language disorders in children, including native English speakers and children from culturally and linguistically diverse homes, covering the full range of disabilities. Course covers birth through late adolescence and includes impact of language disorders on language acquisition, literacy development, and uses of technology.

Instructor(s): E. Levy

Offered: Fall


BBSQ 5120 Communication Disorders in Bilingual/Bicultural Children

Study of effect of bilingualism, bilingual education, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and multicultural perspectives in education on the communication-disordered child. Considers appropriate assessment and treatment to ensure optimal academic success for English Language Learners, bidialectal, and bicultural children with communication disorders, covering the full range of disabilities.

Instructor(s): C Crowley

Offered: Fall


In addition, 50 hours of bilingual therapy/evaluations with children and/or adolescents supervised by a certified bilingual speech-language pathologist as part of the total hours required by ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)