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Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis

EDPA 5016 Educational Equality: Role of Law
Course Description: Historically, many barriers to educational equality - and many important efforts to overcome such barriers - have involved the law. This course examines major efforts to use law to attack discrimination and to ensure high-quality education for all children. Topics include: addressing racial segregation and concentrated poverty; the standards movement and high-stakes testing; the right to an adequate education; sex and gender discrimination; harassment; services for English-language learners; special education; and affirmative action. The course draws on the multidisciplinary perspectives of law, policy, research, and educational practice.
Instructor: Jay Heubert
EDPP 5045 Race, Ethnicity, and US Educational Policy
Course Description: Looking back on this history and the evidence brought to bear on issues of race and ethnicity in the field of education, scholars can see that the social science research strongly suggests that these so-called Civil Rights policies -- school desegregation, affirmative action, bilingual education, and de-tracking efforts -- were far more effective at opening up access to privileged spaces to students of color than the political rhetoric that came to define them would suggest.
Instructor: A. Wells
EDPS 4022 Sociology of Urban Education
This course encourages students to make connections between urban schools and critical contextual factors such as racial/ethnic segregation; concentrated poverty; immigration and migration patterns; and federal, state and local politics and policies. Indeed, the entire first half of the course is dedicated to readings on the creation of urban space prior to exploring the public schools that exist within these spaces. The second half of the class will focus more specifically on urban schools within the context of this space and the relationship between the context and current policy agendas.
Instructor: A. Wells
EDPS 4000 001 Education and Public Policy
Examination of the federal role in k-12 educational policy over the course of the 20th century and its impact on states and districts.
Instructor: A. Wells
Offered: Fall