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Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab

Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab



  • May 2019: George receives the James McKeen Cattell Fellow award for lifetime achievement from the Association for Psychological Science.
  • March 2019: Welcome visiting scholar Marie Lundorff Kristensen from Aarhus University, Denmark. Marie will work with us in the LTE lab through June, 2019.


  • 9/2/18. Welcome to Shuqan Chan who joins us as a doctoral student.
  • 8/2/18. FARWELL to Visting Scienctist and fun person Marcus Grueschow as he heads back to University of Zurich. It was great to have you in the lab Marcus.


  • 8/17/17. WELCOME to the newest members of the LTE. Charlotte Pfeffer and Laura Meli join us as doctoral students beginning September. 
  • 8/15/17. A FOND FAREWELL to Wai Kai Hou from Hong Kong. Kai has been with us for 8 months as a Fulbright Scholar. The time has flown. We will miss you Kai. We wish you the best back in Hong Kong, and will look forward to our next meeting, here or there.

We've stopped listing media stories about our research. Sorry about that. We will continue to list other news and perhaps some media from time to time.


  • 12/14/16  Professor Wai Kai Hou from Hong Kong joins the lab as a Fulbright Scholar. Welcome Kai!
  • Some recent coverage of our work in the media:  
  •         12/29/16 National Public Radio (NPR). “Is it possible to die of grief?” Quotes and discussion of our research.
  •         11/16/16 The Atlantic. “Is grief a disease? A new theory is challenging the way psychologists understand mourning.” Quotes and discussion of our research 
  •         11/15/16 The Independent (UK). “The people who can’t stop grieving.” Quotes and discussion of our research (11/15/16).
  •         11/10/16  New York Magazine. “6 ways to grieve for the election.” Quotes and discussion of our research 
  •         10/31/16 Slate. “How to talk about mental illness without relying on strength: Donald Trump’s comments on mental illness are awful, but not unusual.” 
  •         10/14/16  Forbes. “Lessons in grit and resilience from the Chicago Cubs.” Quote and discussion of my research
  •         10/6/16 Discussion of our 9/11 research (Bonanno & Jost, 2006) in Rolling Stone. "Why we're living in the age of fear."
  •           6/6/16  Coverage of our work in The Guardian. "Coping with catastrophe: what keeps us going in the face of adversity."
  •           2/11/16 Maria Konnilova's piece in the New Yorker on resilience and the work of the LTE lab.
  • 1/29/16 Good bye and good luck to Fiona Maccallum. For the past two years, Fiona has been a fantastic member of the LTE. As a post-doctoral fellow in the lab, she's made wonderful contributions, published some important papers, and quietly become a huge part of our team. Sadly the time has come for Fiona to return to Sydney, Australia where she will continue her work in the Department of Psychology at the University of New South Wales. We will miss you Fiona. 



  • 11/20/14  Brandeins Wirtschaftsmagazin. “Der Mensch ist ein zähes Tier” (“Man is a tough animal”). Extended interview with George in German business magazine.
  • 11/19/14 Science News. “The kids will be all right.” Quotes from George in article on resilient kids.
  • 10/31/14 Washington Post. “Mourning in America: A new Internet way of remembering the long-departed.” Quotes from interview with George.
  • 9-8-14 LTE lab partners with Battle Buds veterans mentorship program. To learn more, or to participate in the research, click the research projects tab and then the Battle Buds link
  • 7-9-14 A bunch of new publications coming out of the lab from our wonderful research team. Most notably, several papers with our talented doctoral students as lead author, including papers by Chuck Burton (Health Psychology; Psychoneuroendocrinology), Jenny Lotterman (Memory; Journal of Affective Disorders), Zhuoying Zhu (Psychiatry Research), and Erica Diminich (Journal of Abnormal Psychology). PDFs of these papers are avilable (or will be available soon) under the "publications" tab.
  • 6-30-14 George interviewed on National Public Radio/WHYY "Voices in the Family with Dan Gotlieb."
  • 6-25-14 New study funded by the United States - Israel Binational Science Founcation (BSF) involving LTE lab and Dr. Gal Sheppes of Tel Aviv University and Dr. Einat Levy-Gigi of the University of Haifa. The study is titled "Regulatory Flexibility Moderates the Relationship Between Trauma Exposure and PTSD" and is funded for two years.
  • 2-25-14 Quotes from our research in Wall Street Journal.
  • 2-24-14 Wonderfully moving video about our own Jed McGiffin. Go Jed!!
  • 2-7-14 George interviewed about science of bereavement on PBS, Religion and Ethics weekly


  • 12-3-13 Nice article by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic featuring "The other side of sadness"
  • 10-20-13 George interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning piece, The Science of Resilience.
  • 7-11-13 Welcome to new lab members! Jed McGiffin and Katie McGreevy, both currently in NYC, and Matteo Malgaroli, from Milano Italia, will begin their doctoral training in the lab this fall. We are especially honored that Major Joe Geraci, an active soldier in the US Army and an instructor at West Point, will also join our lab and our doctoral program. Finally, Fiona MacCallum will spend two years with us as a visiting postdoctoral fellow from the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. Their bios are posted under the "people" tab
  • 7-8-13 quotes in ABC News article on Andy Murray's resilience
  • 7-8-13 quotes in Wall Street Journal on trauma
  • 5-6-13 Work of the LTE featured in Chronicle of Higher Education piece on resilience
  • 4-24-13 George interviewed on NPR ("Talk of the Nation") about the Boston Marathon Bombing
  • 2-25-13 Our lab partners with Columbia's newCenter for Complicated Grief.


  • 11-23-12 New project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The lab will take part in an international project, generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, to develop a set of exportable tools for the assessment of community resilience. Lab director, George Bonanno, will serve as Co-Principal Investigator on the project along with Astier Almedom of University of Copenhagen. The project will be housed in Lund University, Sweden as part of the Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies
  • 11-6-12 Quotes from Reuters/Huffington Post on consequences of Hurricane Sandy
  • 10-30-12 Quotes from interview in NY Times about tragic Upper West Side deaths
  • 10-2-12 George's talk at Poptech! Iceland:
  • 8-30-12 Discussion/debate about resilience to loss and trauma, World Science Festival, NYC
  • 6-25-12 Alumni of LTE lab in new faculty positions. Congratulations to three LTE alumni, Isaac Galatzer-Levy, Sumati Gupta, and Maren Westphal, for obtaining faculty positions as Assistant Professors. Isaac with be in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU, Sumati at Barnard College, Columbia University, and Maren at Pace University in NYC. Well done!
  • 5-31-12 LTE lab participates in the World Science Festival.
  • 1-17-12 Website for the PURL II study, our new bereavement study, is up and running.


  • 10-25-11 George interview and video on the adaptive value of smiling, Wall Street Journal health blog.
  • 8-23-11 George Bonanno elected as Fellow to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP).
  • 7-28-11 Quote in NY Times article on lessons from 9/11
  • 7-26-11 Quote in New York Times article on the grief experience of men.
  • 7-15-11 Lab been awarded a generous grant from the National Institute of Mental Health for a longitudinal study of the predictors and diagnostic markers of Prolonged Grief. This study follows up our previous research, The Project to Understand Reactions to Loss or PURL. We will refer to the new study as PURL II. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.
  • 6-28-11 Emanuela Saita, Chiara Zuliani, and Margherita Novelli from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy visit our lab for two weeks.
  • 6-15-11 Our paper in Rehabilitation Psychology has been awarded the Harold Yuker Award for Research Excellence by Division 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) of the American Psychological Association. The paper represents a collaboration between our lab and Terri DeRoon-Cassini (lead author of the paper) and Mark Rusch of The Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • 5-19-11 Columbia graduation. Lab members Sumati Gupta and Laura Goorin receive their Ph.D. Congratulations Sumati and Laura!!
  • 4-11-11 George writes for Newsweek about the Japannese disasters:
  • 2-21-11 Scientific American .  Cover story prominently features research and theory from our lab.
  • 2-15-11 New York Times. Op-Ed piece by Ruth Davis Konigsberg describes research from our lab.
  • 1-21-11 Giovanna Gianesini joins our lab for several months from University of Padova, Italy