ProVetus Veterans Mentorship Program

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab

Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab

ProVetus Veterans Mentorship Program

Overview of Study

       ProVetus is an innovative, supervised mentorship program in NYC with the aim of helping Veterans to successfully transition into their civilian communities, so that they can become the next community and business leaders. Similar programs already exist within the military when a service member transitions from one base or post to another. Unfortunately, no such program exists to assist in transitioning into the civilian sector. ProVetus helps to fill this gap by providing trained, peer-mentors to recent Veterans. We are testing if belonging to a Veteran Support Organization and receiving mentorship helps recent Veterans to better transition. The mentors will provide short-term (approximately three to four months) of assistance to recent Veterans within the critical domains of— employment/education, housing, family, social/community/physical activities, and medical care. Each participant in the study will be assigned to one of three groups- 1. Receive a mentor and join a Veteran Support Organization, 2. Join a Veteran Support Organization, or 3. Waitlist. At the end of the study, individuals in the waitlist group will receive an invitation to join the Veteran Support Organization and receive mentorship. Participation in all aspects of the study are voluntary and a Veteran could withdraw from the study at any time.



         In acknowledgement of study participation, each participant will receive the following in the mail-


$20 check after they complete an  initial survey (20 minutes)

$20 check after they complete follow-up#1 survey (15 minutes) 4 months after initial survey

$20 check after they complete follow-up#2 survey (15 minutes) 10 months after initial survey

$20 check after they complete follow-up#3 survey (15 minutes) 16 months after initial survey

$25 Bonus check if they complete all above surveys


= $105 Total Reimbursement


Inclusion Criteria

-       18 years of age or older

-       Prior military service within the last 12 years

-       Currently reside within the NYC area (and anticipate staying within the area for at least one year) or will move to NYC area prior to December 2014 (and anticipate staying for at least one year).


If you have recently transitioned out of the military, are living in or moving to the  New York City area, and are interested in participating in this study and providing valuable information regarding Veterans for years to come, then please click the link below to complete the informed consent and initial survey. If you have any questions, please contact the research team at Teachers College, Columbia University, at

(859) 630-5975 or






Joseph Geraci


Principle Investigator