Views on the News

Views on the News

A snapshot of recent work. 

Integrated classroom at Anacostia High School

School Integration Isn’t Dead – and Why That Matters

Alumna Michelle Burris argues that the need to ‘get it right’ has never been greater

Chris Emdin NBC Racism in Textbooks

Removing Racial Bias

It starts with rewriting biased histories, Christopher Emdin tells NBC

Ambulance w Sirens

A Call for Reality Pedagogy

In The Atlantic, TC’s Christopher Emdin urges teachers to learn from students and embrace the chaos of the world beyond the classroom

School Integration

“Equal” is What Matters. “Separate” is Negotiable

TC’s Sonya Douglass Horsford calls for a “radical imagination” of education for America’s new majority

Andre Perry

AI Can Disrupt Racial Inequity in Schools, or Make it Much Worse

When it comes to tech and education reform, there’s been more talk than transformation

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