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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Implementation of Innovative Technology in Saudi Medical Education

Afnan Alganawi, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

This project analyzes the use of innovative technologies, the extent to which the Saudi Medical schools have adopted them and how they have been applied in some of the world’s major medical educational institutions. There are a number of medical institutions in the developed world that have implemented the use of these technologies to aid teaching and learning and realize positive outcomes for students and consequently patients.

Having introduced the use of the innovative technologies and the need to enhance their use in Saudi medical institutions, the paper delves into a theoretical framework that reviews a variety of literature with regards the existing innovative technologies and their impacts teaching and learning in medical institutions. The medical education and training approaches currently in use and those that ought to be employed are evaluated. The focus is on the transformation of these approaches with the use of innovative technologies for positive outcomes for students and stakeholders in the medical sector. The use of technology in medical education is then presented in the framework and a comparison of what medical institutions have done. Information and communication technologies certainly play an important role with regards to the acquisition of knowledge in virtually all fields including the healthcare sector. The aspects of simulations and virtual reality are presented under the theoretical framework. The literature review covers the clinical as well pre-clinical stages of students’ study programs. The various approaches of teaching and integration of technologies in medical education will be presented (Bajammal et al., 2008). The current framework is also presented briefly, covering the current situation of medical education in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the current situation of the use of technology in the top medical schools in the world such as the Indiana University School of Medicine, Mayo Medical School, Penn State Medical College and NYU School of Medicine among others is examined with the aim of borrowing the positive attributes of their services. A section on implementation on the basis of the information obtained is then presented followed by conclusions and recommendations.

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