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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Contexts that Promote Enjoyment and Perceived Learning in a Gamesbased Learning Environment

Chris Vicari, Ed.M. in Instructional Technology and Media

This project presents a mixed methods research study that was conducted in December 2015 at the NYC based public school Quest to Learn (Q2L). Q2L is based on the model of “gamelike learning” where the curriculum is based on and mimics the design principles of games and game mechanics. Research questions focused on the potential impact environmental and context factors had on student’s enjoyment and perceived learning in a gamesbased learning classroom. Three separate observations were conducted in one classroom and selfreport surveys were distributed to participants that asked about their enjoyment in class and how they view their learning. This study provided initial support for predictions that environmental and social contexts affect student enjoyment and perceived learning in a gamesbased learning environment. Participant responses and observations revealed that such contexts can influence students in varying degrees, but findings only pertain to this classroom and cannot be generalized to outside settings.

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