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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

An Interactive Project of A Virtual World Game for 5th Grade Mathematics Learning

David S. Hwang, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

Mathematics is a crucial subject for students, especially those in elementary school. Finishing a course beyond Algebra II more than doubles the odds that a student who enters college will complete a bachelor’s degree (Singham, 2003). The spiral structure of mathematics courses requires a solid foundation built during earlier academic career to accomplish long-term goals. This project is designed to promote 5 th grade mathematics by supporting teachers and students in their classrooms and afterschool activities. Highly engaging Web 2.0 and online game concepts are basis of the project. Constructivism is adopted as a main instructional perspective. This project applies the virtual world online game format to provide a fun and engaging environment to the students, while simultaneously utilizing a data tracking and management system as well. Teachers can customize the contents based on their needs and the system will provide easy-to-use administrative tools. This project will be successful since it blends strong academic contents and user-friendly game environment from the educator’s perspectives.

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