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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

EdSpiration: The Exploration between the Intersection of Education and Technology

Ellen J. Chan, M.A. in Communication and Education

This paper explores the problems plaguing new teachers entering the education world today and ways communication technologies can be leveraged to combat these issues. My literary review covers types of new teacher support and professional development resources available; classroom innovations and technologies that are being developed for it; as well as the merits of aggregator sites, social and community building, and the value of curation. I then go into the product design and development of EdSpiration, an inspiring online resource I developed specifically for new educators. I discuss what existing websites influenced my design, as well as how I aimed to target new educators as my main audience, and how I envision the ongoing curation of EdSpiration’s content, including the building of Edspiration’s site, the frequency, and the formatting of sends. In my conclusion and implications section, I discuss the future plans I have for Edspiration, including conducting focus groups for EdSpiration, as well as marketing, and PR ideas.

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