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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Developing an Interactive Storybook App for Young Readers

Enok (Aeloch) Kim

Early age literacy development is crucial for educational achievement and important for success, in general, in modern society. Although literacy development education has been established over 50 years, the formal education still struggles to teach literacy. The technology affordances on mobile devices such as gyroscopes and camera/voice recordings can create a more immersive and interactive reading experiences than traditional approaches, and they may be the key to managing this dilemma. This paper strives to understand the design principles of effective interactive storybook design as it relates to literacy development. The paper will investigate the design principles from the current market and also from previous research. With such findings, this proposal seeks to implement and design a prototype of an interactive storybook. The prototype is aimed to meet Kindergarten Common Core literacy standards, supporting phonemic awareness, vocabulary and story comprehension. The prototype will provide motivating contexts for literacy development. 

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