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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

A Web-based Professional Development Platform for Technology Integration in K-12 Classrooms

Fan Jiang, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

Fundamental education effectiveness has always been a national concern and professional development efforts for K-12 teachers continuously seek to strengthen teachers’ pedagogy, which is a one of the key factors influencing student achievement. In recent decades, rapidly increasing advances in technology have created opportunities to support teachers with their classroom practices in many new ways that can enhance student achievement and engagement. Therefore, intergrading technology efficiently and effectively in classrooms has become genuinely important for every K-12 teacher. This project will propose a web-based professional development platform incorporating a self-paced learning design paradigm. This platform is intended to help teachers learn to connect content-driven pedagogical strategies with specific and compatible technologies. In addition, it will allow teachers to explore a large range of educational technology resources and communicate with and learn from peers’ experiences on the platform. This web-based platform will significantly help to reduce monetary and logistical challenges associated with face-to- face professional development workshops, and facilitate the development of K-12 teachers’ technology integration skills.

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