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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Integrating Technology in pre-service teacher education: Applying a new model to Chile’s profesional development programs.

Leonardo Barros Pereira, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

New technologies have significant potential to enhance students’ understanding. However, new technologies are not part of teachers’ catalog of educational tools, making it difficult for them to be at the state of the art regarding new digital technologies. Thus, integrating digital technology to pedagogical activities is an endeavor that 21 st century teachers must overcome. In particular, Chile’s teachers are in need of a consistent framework of technology integration to be implemented in pre-service teacher education. Therefore, the objective of this article is to offer guidance on how Chilean teachers could include digital tools into pre-service teacher education programs in order to use technology as a catalyst tool for learning. The guidelines provided in this document are based on the constructs of a proposed macro-model of technology integration and the current state of Chilean pre-service teacher education. The proposed macro-model is grounded in the study of key features of four existing technology integration models, such as digital literacies skills, critical digital literacies, learning with technology and not from it, and generative topics. The implementation of the proposed macro-model in Chile’s pre-service teacher education would be a first step in the right direction of improving technology integration in classrooms.

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