Linlin Xia | Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design | Mathematics Science and Technology

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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Linlin Xia, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

This research is designed to explore how the instructional design of MOOCs (massive open online courses) could support learner self-regulation and motivation by studying successful learner cases. A MOOC, with its special format of online education with free access and high student-to- teacher ratio, requires strong learner autonomy and control in the learning environment. Therefore, self-regulation and motivation are crucial for the learning experience and final performance in courses. This research utilizes a case study methodology to investigate successful self-regulated learning strategies by asking the following questions: 1) What self-regulation and motivation strategies do successful learners use during the MOOC process? 2) How do the self-regulation and motivation strategies contribute to their completion of a MOOC? 3) Are those strategies context-specific? Can they be transferred across different MOOCs? 4) Do learners feel supported by the platform metacognitively, motivationally, and behaviorally when they regulate their learning? Researchers hope that the learning strategies grounded from successful learners could prepare other MOOC users for an autonomic learning environment and inspire the MOOC designers to create more instructional features that encourage learner self-regulation and motivation.

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