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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

End-user Design Considerations for a Modern Campus Portal

Patrick Scioscia, M.A. Communication and Education

Higher education is likened with an array of technologies. Much of the time, the most important technology on the campus is the Learning Management System (LMS) because it is integral to the learning process, especially in terms of online courses; however, this does not mean that other services are not vital. Colleges serve as a place of learning, community, and business, and thus have technology to support each of these aspects. For ease of use, these services are best suited for a single sign-in campus portal with the LMS (i.e., learning) at the forefront. This paper will discuss what popular LMSs do right, what they do wrong, and how to combine their services with the community and business aspects of higher education institutions to create an intuitive, integrative campus-wide portal. This project will include wireframes for a proposed end-user perspective of the recommended model.

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