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In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

A Theoretical Website Prototype for Chinese International Students Applying to Universities in United States

Qian Zou, M.A. in Communication and Education

The number of international students at colleges and universities in the United States keeps increasing all the time and China is one of the top countries that make up the greatest percentage of international students in United States ([IIE], 2013). However, as reported, a majority of Chinese students go for intermediate agencies through their application process, which always contains fabrications, and leads to more problems after enrolled in universities (Bartlett & Fischer, 2011, para 17). What is more, culture differences also play a role in impeding Chinese students’ ability to integrate into the campus culture at these universities (Klein, Miller, & Alexander, 1981). One main reason for the problems is that there are little supports focusing on Chinese students application process and services before attending these institutions. This project will try to alleviate these problems by providing a platform especially for Chinese students who are applying to universities in the United States. Based on the review of several competing projects and literature theory such as online communities, digital culture, management system, and motivation, this article will finally demonstrates a prototype and workflow of this project - a website which provides an online application platform, essay editing service as well as an online open forum and discuss about how it supports Chinese international students in a better way.

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