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Computer Literacy Immersion Intensive for Adults (CLIIA) – A Collaborative, Internet-Focused Curriculum to Improve Computer Competency for Adult Learners with Computer Anxiety

Robert Rector, M.A. in Instructional Technology and Media

The Computer Literacy Immersion Intensive for Adults (CLIIA) curriculum is designed as a weekend workshop to help adult learners overcome computer anxiety and make the first step toward developing computer literacy. Adult learners who experience computer anxiety miss out on opportunities to better their lives in many arenas. The mission of CLIIA is to equip students with the necessary affordances to solve this problem. A key outcome of the course is for students to become comfortable with computer and internet technology to the degree that they will feel ready to continue their own computer education on their own online.

CLIIA is a face-to-face, instructor-facilitated workshop that takes place over one weekend. Classes will be scheduled from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with an hour break, for a total of seven hours a day. The students will frequently work in groups so that students with different knowledge bases can get a chance to learn from one another.

The course is divided into ten modules, with five modules in each day. These modules will include such learning activities ranging from examining the root causes of computer anxiety, learning basic word processor and web browsing skills, seeking answers online, and instructing fellow learners. The students will be encouraged to gradually develop their computer skills, with an emphasis on learning how to increase self-confidence and minimize negative emotions.

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